Blood: Refilled (or simply BloodMod) is a combat/survival mod with minor adventure elements for all those who rather fight for life and enjoy searching the surrounding area for useful loot instead of solving overwhelming puzzles.

Its title and all the inspiration is based on the Blood game developed by Monolith Productions in 1997, which is, in my opinion, the most original, funny (and also the most sick) old-school FPS game of all time.

Although this is not (and never will be) a remake of the whole game by any means, it contains many references and other related stuff that will fill with joy any true fan's heart... even though there's an absence of story in the mod. Personally, I think this mod is mostly intended for players of original Blood (and its two addons Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage) who will recognize/appreciate used content in the mod.

- adds 42 main interior locations (cells) connected to each other - these are the cells that player must visit to complete the mod.
- adds 38 interior cells which are parts of the main cells - these locations are purely optional, however, they can massively lenghten overall gameplay. Also, many of them contain some unique loot that cannot be found anywhere else.
- adds one or more secret locations to almost all of these 80 cells (32 secrets total).
- adds new playable race (Caleb).
- changes player's voice (male only) to Caleb's voice, and also adds Caleb's quotes to BloodMod gameplay.
- adds most of Blood's enemies and NPCs with their own factions and combat responses.
- adds new sounds and music.
- adds new weapons, items, recipes... and much more.

Note: Some of these interior cells are, in fact, exteriors. It means that this areas are the most huge in the mod, so don't be surprised by longer loading times. Also expect some impact on performance.