- latest patch
- New Vegas Script Extender
- all four major DLCs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.

Fallout Mod Manager not needed but highly recommended.

Extract the content to your 'Fallout New Vegas' folder and enable the BloodMod.esm file via the Fallout Launcher or Fallout Mod Manager.
Also turn on HDR option for the best visual experience.

Starting the mod:
First of all, say goodbye to your companions - I didn't test the mod with them and I also don't recommend to test it by yourself. After all, the mod is not intended to be some kind of Counter-Strike clone.

The mod starts in the Novac's Player Room by activating the terminal (don't forget to read the Documentation for some background). After teleporting, all your items will be removed from your inventory to a locker near the table in the room, so you can grab it after you finish the mod. On the other hand, all of the loot you'll find in the mod you can keep as a reward, and also buy some stuff from Chet in Goodsprings.

If you want to play with my premade Caleb race, you have to start a new game. The mod is also not compatible with female characters.

Difficulty of the mod depends on many aspects, but if level of your character is lower than 20, I strongly recommend to strenghten up. In other words - the more advanced character the easier gameplay.

Compatibility issues:
If you're using a mod that changes previously mentioned Novac's Player Room, please disable it before playing the BloodMod.
If you find any issues with other mods or anything else, feel free to contact me.